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  • Is the weight of your tax problems ruining your life?
  • Do you want to resolve the problems but don’t know how to work with the IRS or state tax agencies or are afraid to do so?
  • Are you frustrated with the time consuming process of trying to work with the IRS or state?  Are you concerned the IRS or state will seize your assets such as your home, bank account or income sources?
    We can help you! 
  • Has the IRS or state already levied your wages or bank account?
  • Has an IRS Revenue Officer warned you that he or she will shut down your business because you are behind on payroll taxes?
  • Is the state about to pull your business license because you are behind on payroll or sales taxes?
  • Has the IRS or state assessed you with a personal trust fund recovery penalty as a result of your corporation’s payroll tax liability?
  • Is the IRS auditing you?
    We can help you!

Why choose our law firm to represent you?
We are an experienced, professional law firm with substantial knowledge and experience in federal and state tax compliance and tax controversy issues for small businesses and individuals.  We are a firm with integrity and we do not make false promises. We believe it is crucial that our clients fully understand, in a realistic way, all the options available to them to resolve their particular tax issues. We work carefully with our clients to find the best resolution available based on each client’s circumstances. Each client works only with an attorney. Our clients know we have their interests at heart and we will aggressively and effectively represent them before the IRS or state.

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Tax Compliance
Are you starting a business or are you self-employed? Do you need to know what tax forms to file and what taxes you need to pay in order to comply with IRS and state tax regulations?

What we can do for you: We will help you understand what you need to do to avoid problems with the IRS and state tax agencies.

Tax Controversy and Tax Resolution
Do you owe business or personal taxes and don’t know how you can afford to pay them?  Has the IRS or state contacted you or started collection action against you? Are you behind on filing your tax returns and afraid to file them because you know you will owe taxes? Is the IRS threatening to shut down your business because of payroll tax issues?

What we can do for you: We will help you resolve your tax issues by providing you with an honest, upfront analysis of your case based on your particular circumstances. We will provide you with the best strategy for resolving your tax issues and aggressively and effectively represent you before the IRS and state tax agencies. We will also advise you on how to comply with tax regulations so that you avoid any further problems with the IRS or state.

Services offered for businesses and individuals

  • Consultation with businesses and individuals on tax compliance issues
  • Resolution of IRS and State tax issues/disputes involving payroll and sales tax, personal and corporate income tax, civil penalties, including trust fund recovery penalties
  • Preparation of federal and state tax returns
  • Release of wage garnishments and bank levies
  • Negotiation of installment agreements
  • Preparation of offers in compromise and representation through the process
  • Filing of appeals and representation on appeal
  • Preparation of lien subordinations, discharges and withdrawals
  • Preparation of penalty abatements
  • Preparation of innocent spouse petitions
  • Filing of petitions in United States Tax Court. Negotiation of settlements prior to trial or representations in court, if necessary.
  • Audit representation

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