“I cannot say enough about the professional dedication and expertise of Lesley Sive.   Her specialized knowledge of IRS requirements and procedures in tax compliance and tax resolution is a comforting lighthouse in the storms that can befall just about anyone. Lesley makes herself easily available and is always ready and patient to answer even the simplest questions.  It is very difficult to find these traits and skills in any professional, but even more rare in the fields that she is expert in.  I would highly recommend Lesley to anyone and am very sure you will find that she is the most talented professional one can find.”

Brian R., California


“I have nothing but positive things to say about the professionalism and vast tax knowledge displayed by my tax attorney Lesley Sive. I attained her services in early March of 2009. At the time I owed thousands of dollars to both the Franchise Tax Board and the IRS. I received aggressive letters from both agencies requiring me to pay in full or they would garnish my wages and put a lien on my home. Lesley worked quickly to help relieve the stress brought about by these threats to my livelihood. She helped by communicating on my behalf to both agencies and worked her magic by getting them to put my account on hold so I could get my finances in order. She also got them to release wage garnishments. The bottom line is she has the experience to deal with the IRS because she knows the law and goes to bat for her clients. I would recommend Lesley Sive to anyone that owes back taxes or simply needs help in dealing with the IRS. Thank you Lesley.”

Val and Lorena H., California
Feb. 18, 2011


“I am so grateful for Lesley Sive’s assistance with my recent tax challenges.  Her help negotiating with the State of Hawaii ended payments of our penalties and stopped the State from contacting us any further.  Lesley’s skills as an attorney were evidenced by her knowledge of government which brought a quick end to our problems.  If I find myself in this situation again, Lesley Sive will be my first call.”

Bill H., California
October 20, 2011


“Well. I don’t even know where to began.  One of the biggest stressors in my life was due to the fact that my business was not able to meet expenses.  Because of that, I ended up owing the IRS a lot of money.  This has been a nightmare that lasted years and caused me a lot of personal stress.  I tried to obtain tax services in the past but once they got my money, it seemed they dropped the ball.  And the stress continued and continued.

But, by some miracle I came across Lesley Sive.  Lesley never dropped the ball.  She responded to all my confusing emails and made sense of them.  Lesley negotiated an agreement with the IRS where I must pay monthly for the taxes I owe.  I cannot express how Lesley has literally changed my life. Now I can at least meet expenses, keep my staff employed and continue to make payments that I can live with to resolve this issue.  I will always contact Lesley for any tax related legal services in the future.  I am in Texas, Lesley is in California but she made all this possible.  With Lesley’s help I was able to respond to the nightmare and no longer suffer emotional stress from the situation.”

Thank you so much Lesley
Mauro G., Texas

May 4, 2012



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